How to Plan a Healthy Menu & how does it help me?

Everyone has a different approach, but a recipe for stress is going to the fridge at five o’clock to knock up a meal for a hungry hoard. Thinking a day ahead is good but thinking a few days or a week ahead is even better. A regular meal plan helps avoid children’s grazing’ throughout the day and then refusing meals because they are not hungry. It helps you worry less if a meal is rejected as you know you’ve planned a good balance of foods throughout the day or week. You can be stronger about not giving in and coaxing him with other foods just to ‘get something in’.

So here’s how to get into a new routine of planning for the week ahead!

  • Keep it simple!
  • Avoid trying to plan in detail for every possible scenario or in between meals.
  • Focus on the main meals and keep a list of quick and easy healthy in between meals to hand that you can use in between.