Why won’t my child drink milk?

It’s not just your toddler…

It’s just that some  take more time to develop a liking for some foods and drinks than others or go off foods and drinks they previously enjoyed. Children learn by copying other people especially you, so if you enjoy milk your child is more likely to drink it too. If milk is not part of family meals or you eat separately to your child he won’t see and learn that milk is safe and enjoyable to drink.

Why does your child need milk?

Milk along with cheese and yogurt is one of the dairy products. Dairy products contain Iron, Calcium as well as other Vitamins and minerals. It is important to encourage your toddler to enjoy milk as well as the other dairy products as part of a healthy.

Why not Any Milk?

From early age, children experience a period of rapid growth and development. It’s really important that kids have a balanced diet with the right amounts of key nutrients, because they still have needs that are different than adults.

Growing up milk is specially designed to support the increased nutritional requirements of children, having relatively high nutritional needs for their body size, during this  critical stage of growth and development. It’s a simple and sure way to support your child’s diet with the specific nutrients they require in a way that’s familiar.

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